How to Display Samurai Swords

How to Display Samurai Swords
A Katana is a Japanese sword. The Katana was most notably used by the Samurai during the Japanese medieval period. I recently was fortunate enough to be a given a collection of Katanas. The swords have a long curved blade and were encased beautiful yet simple scabbards. I knew it was important to display them properly. I did a little research here's how to display Samurai swords. Quick note, Samurai swords should always be cleaned and oiled before storage.
Proper Storage On Stands

Whether you are storing Katana, Tanto or other Samurai swords, you might consider using a sword stand or saya. Wooden stands or saya are often used for displaying Katana. The saya keeps the sword from warping. Display the sword with the blade facing upward. It's traditional to do so in case of the soldier had to draw and strike quickly. Always keep your swords housed in their cases. Displaying raw blades is dangerous as Katana or Samurai swords are extremely sharp. The handle or Tsuka of the sword should be displayed on the right side of the stand if you are right-handed. If the warrior is left handed then the sword is displayed with the handle to the left. You can use floor stands, tables stand or display stands that hang on the wall.

Katana Dansu

The Japanese have lovely storage cabinets called Tansu or Dansu. The storage chests used for displaying Samurai swords is called Katana Dansu. This type of chest is typically made from cedar and is handcrafted. The lid of the chest should be made of glass so that the swords can be easily seen and enjoyed by all who come to visit.

Display Order for Katana

If you are displaying many Katana or Samurai swords then you should be aware that there is a particular order. If you are using a stand that has many different sword positions available then you need to display from the top to the bottom. The top display position goes to the smallest sword often called the Tanto. The middle position of the saya goes to the Wakizashi which is not as long as the last sword, the Katana. The Katana should be displayed in the bottom position and all sword handles should face the same direction.

Always clean your sword and oil it before returning it to its scabbard. This should be done at least twice a year.