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Finding authentic Katanas for sale need not be a difficult process. Today we’re spoilt with a vast array swords to choose from, from east to west and everything in-between. But as you’ve landed on this site, you’re probably in the market for a Japanese sword. 

Katanas have long held a place in the consciousness of sword enthusiasts from all over the world. This has been further boosted by popular films such as The Last Samurai, Kill Bill and the influence of Japanese culture on western audiences. 

Handmade Katana

What is a hand forged Katana? We created this site as we wanted to provide our customers with a fantastic resource for everything related to Katana as well as giving them the option to buy one of our handmade swords forged using traditional methods by our team of expert swordsmiths. Our handmade Katana are the product of decades of experience in the forging process and are made with genuine materials sourced from all over the world. 

We’re confident that you’ll be hard pressed to find better authentic Samurai Sword for sale from any other source. We’re so comfortable with this claim that we offer a 14 day no fuss returns policy, simply return the sword and the money will be back in your account within 48 hours.

Red & Purple Katana Samurai Sword Katana 1045 Carbon Steel, Real Handmade Japanese Style Sharp Katana Sword Double Katana & Wakizashi Sword Stand Blue 9260 Spring Steel Katana Samurai Sword Ai Katana Samurai Sword

Clay Tempered

Samurai Swords

Take a look at the best we have to offer. Clay tempered Katana made by our master forgers.

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